Interior painting and repairs
Exterior painting and repairs
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Painter / Carpenter Serving Dallas and surrounding communities

Free Quotes -  214 679 6051 - or email me at  - mike.pilotte@verizon.net -or fill out form on last page of this website. I check my email in the mornings and evenings.


Hello, my name is Mike Pilotte and I am the owner/operator of A1 quality Painting by Mike Pilotte. I am also the foreman and lead painter on every house I paint and / or repair. Perhaps you are here to find someone to paint your house or maybe simply to look around. Which ever it is, thanks for stopping by.


I started painting and repair work here in the DFW area in 1980 and am a member of the Dallas Better Business Bureau since the year 2000 with an A+ rating. I have painted over 700 exteriors and countless interior jobs since starting and have never subbed out a job to another painting contractor. I do the work myself with another qualified painter and sometimes two.

I do not have a salesman/supervisor, commercial office, office personnel, or large advertising budget. Thus I don't have that expense to pass on to you, so if you are concerned about my price being too low please consider that. But if what you need is a very experienced painter/carpenter with a verifiable track record, I am that. Also I bid painting jobs in the evenings between 5 and 7 because I don't leave the job I am doing except occasionally for lunch.

My bids cover all labor and materials needed to complete the work listed in them. If I miss something that will require extra labor or materials that is my problem, not yours. If you want a labor only bid I can do that also.

I use top of the line acrylic resin paints, commonly called 100% acrylic, for most exterior surfaces and walls and ceilings on the interior. I prefer to use oil base paint for interior trim, doors and cabinets. However if you have acrylic on your interior woodwork or you wish to convert to acrylic I can use the acrylic for interior woodwork.

Please consider me for your next home painting and or repair project. It won't cost anything to get a bid from me.

Please call on me for the following painting and painting related services.

Interior painting
Walls and ceiling repairs (cracks and holes)
Application of common textures
Wallpaper removal

Exterior painting
Siding and trim repair
Power washing

To request a bid
Call Mike at - 214 679 6051  or email at  - mike.pilotte@verizon.net  or fill out the contact form on the last page of this web site.
I check my email in the mornings and evenings.

If I don't answer my phone I may be power washing or using a power saw and can't hear the phone, so please leave a message.
Serving Dallas and surrounding communities.